The single column is an electromechanical system that allows the simultaneous parking of 2 cars raising one above a platform and parking the second one below it.
The main advantage of this system is to have a single lateral column and therefore to allow the opening of the car door in the absence of obstacles.
The single column is composed of a fixed and a mobile part.
The fixed part consists of a base and a vertical column.
The base (having a height of 80 mm) is fixed on the floor by means of 4 expansion inserts and has a shape designed to facilitate its overcoming by any vehicle.
On request, the base can be placed in a pit (depth 100 mm) in order to keep the floor of the box unchanged.
The vertical column is fixed to the base by means of high strength steel screws and is made up of 2 “U” profiles. Inside there is a trolley with 4 wheels with combined roller bearings. The trolley is moved by means of a Fleyer type chain, sent back via a pulley with roller bearings.
The pulley is lifted by means of a hydraulic cylinder located in the center of the column. The column is also equipped with safety guards both front and rear in order to avoid contact with moving parts.
The mobile part of the single column consists of a platform (2000 mm wide and 4140 mm long) in a steel structure with a height of 100 mm. This structure is covered with non-slip steel sheet (aluminum on request) and equipped with a ramp and a wheel stop. The structure is also reversible and allows, during assembly, to choose from which side to place the ramp.
The platform can be stopped in height according to the customer’s needs.
It is safely held by an automatic insertion mechanical device.
The disengagement of this mechanism occurs automatically during the descent of the platform.
The hydraulic system is composed of a mini hydraulic power unit that feeds the cylinder equipped with parachute valve.
The control unit is equipped with a maximum pressure valve against overloads and a descent speed control valve.
The electrical system is composed of a pushbutton panel with low voltage man – operated controls and a general panel equipped with a magnetothermic relay to protect the hydraulic power unit motor against overloads.


  • System dimensions: 4140 x 2500 mm
  • Usable platform size: 3800 x 2000 mm
  • Height of lower platform: 1900 mm
  • Capacity 2200 Kg.


– Mechanical safety system with automatic insertion with electric release;
– Dead man control functioning;
– Low voltage controls (24V);
– Parachute valve against breakage of the flexible pipes;
– Maximum pressure valve against flow overload;
– Magnetothermic protection for motor;
– Wall push button;
– 230 V single phase motor 2.2 kw;
– Lifting height adjustable.


– Painted system and galvanized steel sheet on the platform
– Dead-man control for operation of the system
– With electrical release

Parking system DUO BOX Mod. MCL