Two column goods lift or lift platform with person on board, electrically controlled with hydraulic movement for transferring goods between defined floors, consisting of:

Lift system formed by 2 lateral frames assembled with 4 guides in “C” profile ST 52.3 steel, anchored to the walls of the premises by means of brackets with plugs that allow the sliding of the runners fixed to the platform. This sliding is ensured by pre-lubricated roller bearings with protective screening. These guides are painted. The platform consists of tubular metal and press-formed sheet metal profiles, welded and hot galvanized with the upper flooring in striated sheet metal 3+2 mm, again hot galvanized and bolted to the structure itself. The system is activated indirectly by hydraulic cylinders equipped with blocking valves, hooked up mechanically by Fleyerchains to the runners, while a shaft with toothed pinions coupled with fixed racks stabilizes the uniformity of movement.

Hydraulic control unit for moving, by means of hydraulic fluid, the cylinders for the ascent and descent of the lift; the systems for activating the fluid are electromechanical and wholly managed by the electrical plant. Power is delivered by a three-phase asynchronous 4-pole electric motor, 400 V / 50 Hz.

Reliability of the hydraulic system is guaranteed by a series of valves, and in particular by the flow control valves at the base of the jacks, a maximum pressure valve on the hydraulic system distributor within the fluid tank and a normally closed electro-valve outgoing from the tank.

Electrical system equipped with programmable controller (PLC) by means of software which satisfies the lift’s functioning and safety requirements.

Payload: from 1500 to 3000 Kg

Depth of shaft: from 250 to 500 mm

Size of standard shaft: 3000 x 2000 mm

Working stroke: from 0 to 12000 mm

Installed power of 3 or 4 or 5.6 kW, 400 Volt three phase depending on lifting working stroke and speed.

Columns painted with platform galvanised

The electrical system is equipped with:

– 1 keypad on the platform with:
– Key selector for enablement of motorcycles with person present.
– Control buttons for the functions “Ascent and Descent”
– “Emergency Stop” button
– “Emergency Call” button
– “Button for door Opening and Closing with ascent and descent keys

One or more buttons or one or more key selectors for calling or sending the lift to the levels, or in some cases one or more keypads with removable key, with emergency stop button and ascent/descent buttons.

Double consent for opening doors or gates, consent for movement of the lift only with doors closed and the possibility of automatic return to the highest level.

– Buffer battery for return to the lowest level and for opening doors in the case of lack of electricity during the stroke, supplied with special batteries and related electronic components for recharging and checking of the entire circuit

– Fencing in micro-perforated galvanised metal with opening only on the side of car entrance/exit, with a height of 1200 mm (1800 mm in the case of automatic functioning)

– 2 barriers of photocells on the car entrance/exit side as anti-intrusion control and delimitation of the platform

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