MBM, 30+ years at your service

Fortified by the experience and skills acquired over the years, MBM operates throughout national territory and internationally, expressing its great passion in the creation and supply of car liftsparking systems, car hoists and lifts of superior quality.

Excellent technical competence is ensured by a reliable and flexible staff and by invaluable outside collaborators, making group synergies an added value: constant commitment by the whole team is the foundation of continuity in customer care.

MBM can implement special projects whose common denominator is excellence in installation quality: it creates made to measure car parking, devising and creating efficacious solutions aimed at satisfying all parking requirements.

Each system is designed and created in accordance with standards of quality and safety that are among the most stringent on the market: safety in every component because the end product must permit the customer to achieve optimal results of functionality and usability.

Quality, Technology, Reliability

Installations run in a safe and rapid manner, plant even of considerable size and high capacity where there will always be ongoing innovation in the solutions, constant focussing on customer needs and on the product, the unmistakable quality and experience acquired in more than twenty-five years of activity.

MBM invests all its energies to guarantee the best use of its applications, always pursuing maximum safety in every installation.

MBM is a leading company in the production of mechanised parking systems, lifts and hoists for cars, and service lifts with or without persons aboard, thus avoiding ramps and slipways and covering differences in levels of up to 12 metres.