Semiautomatic system for independent car parking consisting of flanking modules formed by 3 platforms each.

The steel parking platforms are arranged on 3 levels. The upper and lower platforms move vertically while the ones at street level move horizontally.

At street level there is always a free zone the size of a carport so the platform at that level can move horizontally in order to let the lower platform rise and the upper one descend.


The steel structure assembled in the shaft consists of steel guides for the vertical running of the lower platform and tracks for the transversal sliding of the street level platform.

The platforms comprise longitudinal and transversal elements, adjustable wheel chocks and other small elements assembled with bolts.

The system for raising the platforms consists of hydraulic cylinders with electro-hydraulic valves, cogs, chains and end of stroke switches. The street level platforms move transversally on guides and are activated by chains and wheels.


The system is equipped with a hydraulic unit whose task is to move the plant cylinders by means of hydraulic fluid. The fluid activating systems are electromechanical and fully managed by the electrical system. Power is delivered by a three-phase asynchronous electric motor AC 3 kW, 400 V / 50 Hz.

Reliability of the hydraulic system is guaranteed by a series of valves, in particular by the flow control valves at the base of the jacks and a maximum pressure valve on the hydraulic system distributor within the fluid tank.


The car park is controlled by a command panel and by a PLC which, by means of a programme, manages the functioning of the entire plant.

Movements of the platforms are selected by means of an electronic card assigned to each car space, or by remote control.


In front of each grille there is a gate which opens manually or is motorised with person presentfunctioning.

  • Payload: 2000/2500 Kg per car space
  • Shaft measurements: see technical data
  • Platform measurements: see technical data
  • Height of space: see technical data
  • Landing: see technical data

Parking system
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