This is an electrical controlled system for car parking without shaft, with hydraulic handling, for two cars, one above the other, which can be inserted in any environment, without any need for masonry work. It consists of a single platform and a column in special Hoesch profiles running on bidirectional bearings through activation with hydraulic cylinders and return chains. The platform is adjustable to any height on the basis of available space and the vehicles to be parked and is equipped with nonslip almond-pattern sheet metal, resistant to the dripping of water and oil.


  • Overall dimensions: 4100 x 2460 mm
  • Working platform size: 3800 x 2000 mm
  • Height of lower platform: 2000 mm
  • Capacity 2500 Kg.


  • Hydraulic fall-protection safety system
  • Automatic insertion mechanical safety system
  • Hydraulic and electrical control unit protected by container
  • Low voltage controls (24V) with person present
  • Wall keypad
  • Capacity limit valve
  • Manual valve for descent in absence of current
  • 220 V single-phase motor, 380 V three-phase¬†2 kW
  • Lifting height adjustable in millimetres

Parking system
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