Electrically controlled car lift platform with hydraulic movement for shifting cars between defined levels,

Pantograph system without person on board and without columns on the platform, comprising:

  • Load bearing platform consisting of a grillwork of perimeter, transversal and longitudinal profiles covered with a platform in striated sheet metal, with the main feature of having no columns and therefore being without projections when on the level. This platform is linked to a system consisting of one or more pantographs which, by means of two oblique plunger cylinders, implement the movements of ascent and descent. The plunger cylinders facilitate no-load descent. Each pantograph consists of two “pincers” in tubular metal of variable section.
  • ROTATING PLATFORM consisting of:
    – A supporting frame made of steel profiles.
    – A platform of coverage on where you place the car with rounded edges to facilitate the entrance
    – A rotation system consists of an industrial washer and of four steel wheels coated in rubber installed at the end of the rotating platform.
    – An electric motor with gear motor.
    – A base bearing used as a rotation fulcrum
    – Hot-galvanizated platform
  • FUNCTIONING (in case of shaft closed with walls and doors)At the ground floor the driver pushes the button to call the lift and to open the door, parks the car on the platform, comes down from the car lift, closes the door with the button and goes to underground. Here the driver pushes the button descent and the button “right arrow” to turn the platform. He parks the car in the garages, turn the platform in the right position and push the button ascent, sothat the new driver has the system in the upper position. All the buttons are dead man control.
  • Hydraulic control unit for moving, by means of hydraulic fluid, the cylinders for the ascent and descent of the lift; the systems for activating the fluid are electromechanical and wholly managed by the electrical plant. Power is delivered by a three-phase asynchronous 4-pole electric motor, 400 V / 50 Hz.
  • Electrical wiring (in case of shaft closed with walls and doors) with PLC complete with:
    -no. 1 button to open the door
    -no. 2 push button panels with buttons for ascent, descent, turn on the right and turn on the left, with stop emergency button and key selector to give the power on
    – no. 1 inverter to reduce the speed of the rotation
    – no. 1 limit switch to have the system in the right position for the ascent
    – no. 1 limit switch for the maximum rotation

It is also equipped with consent for opening doors or gates, consent for movement of the lift only with doors closed and the possibility of automatic return to the upper level.

  • Payload: 3000 Kg
  • Working stroke: from 0 to 6000 mm
  • Installed power of 3 or 4 or 5.6 kW, 400 Volt three phase depending on lifting working stroke and speed.

Lift and rotating platform painted with platform galvanised

Car Lift
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